Business Plan...

A seemingly simple document, the 2019-21 Business Plan captures 'big picture' priorities, targets and strategies which drive school improvement.  We are currently working on out 2022-2024 business plan and look forward to sharing it with the community.

We constantly seek to improve our practice and student outcomes.  Whilst adhering to federal and state policy, and Department of Education strategic plans, it is the School Business Plan (SBP) that drives contextually relevant direction and improvement. Finer detail linked to the  SBP is further articulated in school level documents including the Data Collection Schedule, a variety of Operational Plans, Whole School Plans and the Performance Improvement Process.

Rigorous data analysis, personal reflections and consequent actions form the basis of our self-review process. Data collection expectations are outlined in the school’s Data Collection Schedule, and resulting analysis of this data is a catalyst for the development of operational plans and whole school approaches to learning.  It also impacts the staff’s Performance Improvement process, resource allocation and professional learning choices.

The School Board takes an active role in reviewing the Business Plan, making themselves aware of the interrogation of data informing progress towards school targets.