Protective Behaviours...

The Protective Behaviours Program in place at Dowerin District High School aims to empower our students. The over-riding theme of the program is that “we all have the right to feel safe all of the time” supported by the belief that “nothing is so awful that we can’t talk about it with someone.”


Lessons are explicitly taught in the younger years, with the language and concepts reinforced at an appropriate level as children develop. Parents and the wider community form an important part of the reinforcement of these lessons. Please use the links below to access some hints and tips for how parents can reinforce the Protective Behaviours Program at home.

Cyber Safety...

In a world where children of all ages access the internet on a regular basis, it is very important they have a clear understanding of their digital footprint, and the knowledge and understanding to stay safe online.  All students at Dowerin District High School undertake lessons in Cyber Safety and teachers constantly reinforce the concept of being a responsible digital citizen.  Students and their parents are required to sign an ICT Code of Conduct and Digital Permission Form prior to using ICT resources and equipment at Dowerin DHS.


The link below takes you to the Cyber Smart website which provides many useful activities, resources and information for students of all ages and parents. It is also one of the many resources used at a school level to promote cyber safety.

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