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We are fortunate to have a conscientious and caring team at the school who take great pride in maintaining a vibrant, inspiring and attractive environment in which to learn.


Dowerin District High School has received two significant upgrades in recent years with a new library opening in 2011, as part of the Building the Education Revolution program, and a new science transportable in 2014. The 2016 school year saw the completion of the major refurbishment in our Home Economics Room.


There are a range of excellent facilities at the school which support the delivery of our varied curriculum.



Classrooms showcase attractive displays of student work and are equipped with interactive whitebaords, iPads, notebook computers  and high speed wireless internet and printing.  All furniture is in excellent condition with ample storage provided for student belongings.  Each classroom has a fridge (provided by the P & C) where students may store their recess and lunch.



A full time gardener works in alliance with the Garden Committee and Enterprise Yard teacher to ensure our grounds are in excellent condition at all times. There are several play areas, with the nature playground and music garden being new additions in 2015 thanks to the generous contributions (financially and 'in kind') of the Parents and Citizens Association. There is also a grassed oval, a junior primary play ground, a shaded play area for ball games, basketball and netball courts and seating for passive activities and shared lunches. The Enterprise Yard; which comprises of fruit trees, vegetable garden, a hot house, a shade house and hydroponic equipment is an outdoor classroom where students experience 'paddock to the plate' experiences through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program as well as many other activities.



Landing in 2014, the Science lab is well equipped, with excellent student work areas for experiments, a safe and isolated preparation and storage area for the teacher and laboratory assistant, a double sided fume cupboard so the teacher can safely demonstrate experiments as well as wireless access to technology resources.



The library is a vibrant learning environment which houses a broad range of fiction and non-fiction books (including our Lexile Pro Collection), teacher resources and computers. All students visit the library at least once each week for the purpose of book exchange.



In 2021 we were lucky enough to receive upgrades to our Design and Technologies class, which now sees our Metal Work and Wood Work housed in the Farms Skills shed.  With updated equipment and room for all students to engage in their projects. Along with this our old Manual Arts room was upgraded and is the Makerspace Room which house our Digital Technologies workspace.


A dedicated Art demountable provides a creative work area for students from Year 1 to 10.


The  Home Economics room provides an up to date facility, with stainless work areas and modern design the room provides an excellent learning space which sees some amazing culinary creations made by the students


A church in a previous life (and location), the historic Anderson Hall serves as the Performing Arts building. Music students take full advantage of the acoustics in this room for their weekly lessons. The community choir, the Wheatbelt Warblers, also rehearse here.




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