Dowerin DHS Board...


Peter Crippen          


Marcia Metcalf

Kezia Metcalf

Josh McMorran

Christine Barratt

Peter Crippen

Shannon Jennings

Matthew Couper


Barbara Garner - Principal

Nicola Scott

Rielle Fowler

Ebony Gard

Kym Metcalf

Nadia Lee Manager Corporate Services (Co-opted)


Rebecca McCall

Darren Gillis

Under the School Education Act, 1999, all schools are required to have a Board with parent or community members being the majority.


The School Board is involved in the governance of the school;

  • making recommendations regarding the school's objectives, priorities and general policy directions, planning of financial arrangements, evaluating the school's performance and formulating codes of conduct for students.

  • making recommendations regarding student dress code

  • promoting the school in the community

  • approving charges and contributions, extra cost option components, personal items lists.


The Dowerin District High School Board meets on the second Tuesday of each term at 6.30pm. Other meetings are called as required, including an additional one in Term 1 (focus - Budget Endorsement) and Term 4 (Draft Budget for following year).