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The curriculum at Dowerin District High School is based upon the Western Australian Curriculum which encompasses the Australian Curriculum.  It is comprised of:

  • Early Years Learning Framework

  • Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines

  • Pre-primary to Year 10 Curriculum (Australian Curriculum and Western Australian Curriculum Framework). As the Australian Curriculum is developed, it will gradually replace the Curriculum Framework.


There are whole school approaches for English and Mathematics, with literacy and numeracy being a priority across all learning areas and a particular focus for the early years (K-2). Secondary specialist teachers deliver Science, the Humanities (History and Geography) and Physical Education in the primary school.


Specialist teachers deliver a Visual Arts program to students from Year 1 to 10.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in Choir, Recorder Band, group guitar lessons and individual piano lessons.


Technology and Enterprise sessions from Pre-primary to Year 6 are often integrated into other learning areas to provide a meaningful context for projects. The Stephanie Alexander Program is a feature of this part of the curriculum in the upper primary school.


Secondary students have the opportunity to engage in Home Economics (Cooking and Textiles) and Design and Technology (Woodwork and Metalwork).  A specialist teacher also delivers Visual Art.


Year 7 to 10 students make up the Dowerin DHS Fire and Emergency Services Cadet Unit, which was formed at the start of 2015.


The following links provide further information about the curriculum in Western Australia.





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