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Independent Public School...

Dowerin was selected to become an Independent Public School as part of the third intake of schools, commencing in 2013.  The Principal of an Independent Public School is school is given increased flexibility and responsibility to make local decisions across a range of operations.

Independent Public Schools are still part of the public school system and must comply with relevant legislation, industrial agreements and whole of government policies and initiatives.


An independent review of Dowerin District High School was undertaken in June 2015 by the Department of Education Services. The purpose of this Independent Review was to provide an assurance to the Minister for Education, the Director General of Education and the school community on the extent to which the school has met its commitments as outlined in its Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA) and associated Business Plan. All Independent Public Schools undertake such a review in the third year of operation. Dowerin's review was extremely positive; lead reviewer Lindsay Usher said ‘Congratulations to you and your team for their professional inputs and the quality of the discussions that we were able to undertake to support and  develop our findings for the report.  The review of Dowerin was a rewarding and uplifting experience for us which was enhanced by the quality documents and input from all concerned.’

The DES Report (available by clicking the link on the right) , complimented  the school for :

· its review and analysis processes, and identification of areas for improvement.

· The high level operation of the Board.

· The collaborative and supportive role of the teaching and non-teaching staff.

· The Principal, Deputy Principal and staff for the dynamic curriculum and positive learning environment.

· The Principal, Board and staff for the quality of our Business Plan and our clear direction for improving student learning.

The school last had a School Review in Term 4 2019. All government schools now undergo the same review process.

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