Dowerin District High School is fortunate to have the services of a School Chaplain for two days each week, making valuable contributions to the social and emotional wellbeing of many of our students and their families. Should you wish to make contact with the Chaplain please contact the school or Shirley Hagboom directly.


Working in classrooms across a range of learning areas and ages, and providing lunch time craft activities results in Mrs Hagboom building meaningful relationships with many students. She regularly supports individual students and their families in times of need, with her role being enhanced by the many links she has within our local and wider community.


The Dowerin District High School Chaplaincy District Council oversees the operations of the Chaplain. Members of the Council are:

 *Barbara Garner (Principal and Chair)    *Linda Quartermaine (Treasurer)  

 *Shirley Hagboom (Chaplain)                   *Norma Metcalf                                  

 *Jill Hawkins 


The Chaplain is mostly funded through the National School Chaplaincy Program, with the shortfall being fundraised by the community. 


Our provider, YouthCARE gives tremendous support to our Chaplain and supports the school to operate within appropriate guidelines.